The Best Home Inspection Service in Tennessee Reveals its Proven Process

If you’re looking to buy a home, you’re going to want to get it inspected. HomeFront Inspection Service offers all types of residential home inspections including manufactured home inspection, multi-family home inspection, and log home inspection. Whatever your needs, we have you covered! 

We’re qualified, we’re licensed, and we’re professionals. What more could you ask for? We’re HomeAdvisor screened and approved. Visit our website for details on our 100% buyback guarantee backed by InterNACHI, the National Association of Home Inspectors.

Are you curious about our process? We’re the most transparent home inspection service you’ll find in Knoxville and the surrounding areas!

Knoxville Home Inspection

The roof is one of the most expensive and important components of a home. That’s why we examine the structure, shingles, gutters, and more when we do our roof inspection. We make sure to inspect the entire roof thoroughly so you won’t be in for any hidden, expensive surprises down the road. Transparency is a must, which is why we make sure to report everything found (no matter how big or small the issue is) on your Knoxville home inspection.

Exterior Check

We take extra care to examine walkways and doors, siding, eaves, paint, and other exterior elements because we know that these areas are important, but are often missed by other home inspection companies. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that the home inspection is conducted as thoroughly as possible so there are no unexpected issues down the road. Our experts have got you covered and will keep you updated all along the way as well as report everything back to you.

HVAC Inspection

We inspect the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems because we know that these are central to a home’s safety and comfort. The heating and air conditioning components are checked thoroughly for functionality and safety.

Plumbing Check

What’s a house without good plumbing? We check all plumbing fixtures to make sure they are functioning properly and keep a sharp eye out for any leaks or other flaws.

Electrical Systems Inspection

Everything’s electric nowadays, and we know how important it is that your home has a safe and working electrical system. From the Weatherhead to the receptacles, we check all grounding, outlets, meters, and circuit breakers for function and safety.

Appliance Audit

We test and examine all major appliances because we know that replacing them is expensive and a huge hassle. We want to prevent any inconvenience on your part, which is why we check the stove, oven, dishwasher, disposal, ventilation, and other kitchen components.

Interior Inspection

A house is only a home if it feels like you’re separated from external forces, like wind, rain, and snow. That’s why we check all exterior doors and windows for proper sealing, possible drafts, and signs of moisture which could lead to mold and water damage. 

Foundation Check

Nobody likes to find out post-sale that their foundation is cracked, or that their basement was flooded and didn’t get taken care of properly. When we do our property inspection, we thoroughly check the foundation, including the crawlspace or basement to look for any possible cracking, shifting, or damage, so that you will be an informed buyer.

Ventilation and Insulation Inspection

Often overlooked by other house inspection services in Tennessee, we never forget to check the attic. We check for structural integrity, proper ventilation, mold and moisture, and an appropriate level of insulation.

Moving Forward

Our on-site checklist is much more exhaustive than this, but hopefully, now you understand what we do, even if it’s on a basic level. We make serving you our number one priority, because we know that if we were having our homes inspected, we’d want it done right! 

We service many neighborhoods in East Tennessee including Knox County, Anderson, Blount, Jefferson, Hamblen, Loudon, Roane, Grangier, Sevier, and Union Counties.

Ancillary Services

East Tennessee is a hot area for RADON. Radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer. Your home inspection should include the test for radon to give you peace of mind.

HomeFront Inspection offers drone photography services for both homeowners and realty professionals.

Don’t forget about the components underground. HomeFront Inspection Service offers Sewer Scope! Let us complete your home inspection by examining and recording your drain system to make sure there are no hidden issues.

Our thermography service offers us the chance to find areas of moisture that are hidden to the naked eye. Thermal cameras will expose wet wood around bathroom fixtures and dampness in unseen areas in the ceiling and under carpets. Thermography allows us to see money pouring out of your home in the form of escaping air conditioning or heat. Thermal cameras expose inadequate insulation, faulty windows, and escaping energy. Having an energy audit of your home will pay for itself many times over in the form of savings on wasted energy costs. 

HomeFront Inspection Services also offers limited inspections for banks and lenders, construction inspections for people who are building a home, and other services. For more information and for a home inspection price breakdown, check out our website!